The Divine Tragedy
Hell or the Human Comedy.


licencious Chronicle to be read under the surveillance of your gardian-angel.

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General Prolog of the Human Comedy. (The meeting with Baudelaire.)
Poets, those initiated that dwells in Hell. (O Muses, help me to penetrate Hell.)
The Acheron or the vestibule of cowards. (Those who abandonned the good of conciousoness.)
The innocents inhabitants of the Limbs. (They are foetus and they had not any time to sin.)
The hidden place of Minos, the buncer of Hell. (The circle of Caïn is there, which awaits us.)
The syndicates and the monster Memphré. (The raping of Proserpine by Pluton.)
The Hell of the new clericals. (Pluto the God of the Hells.)
Phlégias and the city whose name is Dite. (Who then forbid me the access of the dolent dwellings?)
The lovely messenger of Heaven and the three Furies. (The time of Meduse.)
The burrying-ground of the fanatics. (The valley of Josaphat.)
The moral ordinance of the Hell. (The center of the Universe, it on what is founded Dite.)
The Hell of tyrants. (The Realm of the Centaurs.)
The gallow of Jean-Baptiste the dilapidator. (C'me the Yankees, c'me the yankees.)
The crucified Lady of the mount Royal.(The tall old man of Bergeronnes. Stabat Mater Dolorosa.)
The parade of the Saint-Jean Baptiste. (Borduas and the "Refus Global".)
The Lamentations of the Princes of the City. (The orphans of Duplessis.)
Geryon, the montruous shape of the Bureaucracy or the Divine Tragedy.
Ave Diana, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. (It is so that Meduse avenge).
The admirers of the Golden calf. (The Angel of the Apocalypse.)
The methamorphosis of Hermaphrodite. (They killed in herselves what I love of women.)
The distressing tribulations of the Minister of Finance. (The Christians who venerated Saint-Sweden, Saint-Fidel.)
Loteria the luxury Whore. (The badly acquired wealth from the Social dependency.)
The Hell of the leechs. (Until ther is no more providence than the State.)
The Hell of the man of robes. (It is how the snake does who bites its own tail.)
The reign of the Amazones. (Take, Male, this new reign is destined to you).
The citadel of the ass-suckers. (Alarm yourself, my City, because they cut your wings.)
The sowers of discord. (A mari usque ad mare.)
The Legislator decapitaded. (Thus can be observed in me, the law of retaliation.)
Atheist Spirit who, on earth, has incendiated the Virgen. (Thus spoke Baudelaire.)
The food distribution counters of the social-democraty. (Thus spoke Zarathoustra.)
The giants burried in Manhattan. (Whom who speaks is Uncle Sam. Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light.)
The diabolic rock concert. (The collective histeria in the great plain of Woodstock.)
The holocaust of Jeanne the virgin Maid. (The Human Comedy).
The triumph of Belzebuth. (The crumbling of the Societal Project).

HELL of the Human tragedy inspired by the divine comedy of Dante


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