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The Divine Tragedy

(partial translation in english)

licencious Chronicle to be read under the surveillance of your gardian-angel.

Canto I The old man, gardian of the doorway to the Purgatory. (I came by the will of a Lady from Heaven.)
Canto II The birth of the souls. (We quit the servitude of the human corruption.)
Canto III Those who arrogate for themselves, the Trade of God. (Why mortals, do you want to reinvent Life?)
Canto IV Jean-Baptiste the lazy. (Why think, if our Mother, the State does everything and thinks for me?)
Canto V Oh you who comes from Heavan! (Why do you steal from me, this son of Allah? Only the imbeciles accept to die for a cause.)
Canto VI The decline of the Empire who pretend to be American. (Send us Jesus-of-Montréal, your son crucified on the mont Royal.)
Canto VII The princesses of the valley of flowers. (Salve Regina.)
Canto VIII The patroness of the lost valley. (Do that the temptations of the night do not violate our bodies.)
Canto IX From the Antipurgatory to the Purgatory. (Te Deum Laudamus. )
Canto X Ecce Amor Dei. (Because, seduced on him and already conquered was the Virgin.)
Canto XI Pater Noster, our Father who is in Heaven. (I imagined that my beautiful prince was God himself.)
Canto XII Beati Pauperes Spiritu. (Quit this soul and advances, you must carry your boat by yourself.)
Canto XIII I love whom would make me evil. (I shout to God, here God, ya fear you no more!)
Canto XIV Whoever meet me, must kill me! (Here, where still lives Caïen.)
Canto XV Beati Misericordes. (Forgive them my divine Lover, because they do not know what they do.)
Canto XVI The despotic power of the secular clericalism. (Laws exists, but who worries at making them respected?)
Canto XVII Beati pacifici, and go without anger against me! (You could not be mistaken if your love is instinctive.)
Canto XVIII The Free Will. All you should know about Love.
Canto XIX I am the soft nymph Calypso. (The shadow of Marco Polo.)
Canto XX The start up of the Tremblimg mountain. (The Opium of the People.)
Canto XXI Dante, the Florentin poet and the divine comedy. (My brothers be in peace.)
Canto XXII You who, the first after Satan, gave me the enlightment. (Les fleurs du Mal.)
Canto XXIII The hundred days of Sodome. (Donatien Alphonse François marquis de Sade.)
Canto XXIV Ladies, who have the intelligency of love. (Her beauty, triumphs from now on the high Olympe.)
Canto XXV How can one gives birth, where one does not need anymore to engender? (Soul is an other thing that a human genome.)
Canto XXVI Sodome and Gomorrhe. (See this other one who does not appear to have a factitious body.)
Canto XXVII The taste for the Eternal Pleasures. (Come, come to the dwelling of My Father, and you Marco, be received such as a Lover!)
Canto XXVIII Oh Lovely Lady whom I do not know the name. (The Parnassus in my dreams, is also the Terrestrial Paradise.)
Canto XXIX The mystical procession. (Carmina Burana.)
Canto XXX The apparition of Jeanne in the terrestrial Paradise. (Do not cry, Marco my Lover.)
Canto XXXI Asperges me. (The beautiful eyes of Jeanne the Virgin.)
Canto XXXII Adam, why have you betrayed? (You will be for a time, citizen of this celestial Brothel.)
Canto XXXIII The prayers of the Lady of the camellias. (The decline of the Garden of Eden.)


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