l 11c0- Paradise or the Divine Tragedy.

The Divine Tragedy

(partial translation into English)

licencious Chronicle to be read under the surveillance of your gardian-angel.

Canto I Prolog of the Paradise. (Love is giving, and not receiving).
Canto II Where reason has no more ground. (See how love can be subjective.)
Canto III Ave Maria Gratia Plena. (The convent of the Sisters of Charity.)
Canto IV Esprits qui ont manqué à leurs voeux. (Ô amante de l'Amant Céleste!)
Canto V The gift of free will. (See in them as in goddesses, not yet ready to let themselves loved.)
Canto VI In God we trust. (I reigned by Cesar and now I reign by Uncle Sam.)
Canto VII Hosanna Sanctus Deus Sabaoth. (Your beauty, Marco my beautiful lover, does not equalize that of the supreme Lover.)
Canto VIII Death, death to whom, by love, cures all sins! (Venus, this star who gives birth, in man, to sensual love.)
Canto IX The triumph of Christ in You and the eternal Pleasures. (I am the One who knows how to taste your body.)
Canto X The hour when the lover of God rises and sing the matines. (Where the joy of loving becomes eternal.)
Canto XI The reign of force and the penis. (Omnia vincit amor.)
Canto XII Romeo and Juliette. (My love is as deep as the abyssals of the sea.)
Canto XIIII How do you believe that the Virgin became pregnant? (Such they will be at the Last Judgement.)
Canto XIV Jeanne, extended all naked and groaning on her Cross. (Oh Helios, You who make them so beautiful and so desirable!)
Canto XV Robin Woods, come to my help! O Sanguis Meus! (Blessed would you be, you who, towards my race, shown yourself so severe!)
Canto XVI History of New France and Canada. (The sun shine for me as for the others.)
Canto XVII Is an informed man, worth not more than two of them? (Those who adulterate with the Truth.)
Canto XVIII The desire and the voluptuousness to see Salome dancing. (The blessed Muses who populated the Olympia.)
Canto XIX The beautiful image of Love and the sermon of the blessed ones. (Whom who is the architect of the Kingdom of the Empyree.)
Canto XX The representation of the eternal Pleasure. (Our happiness, is to desire only what God wants.)
Canto XXI The assiduous maidservant of the supreme Council. (I feel in me, all the love that you show me.)
Canto XXII Teach me to enjoy in your soul from an eternal happiness. (These maidservants which gives birth to orgasm.)
Canto XXIII The carnal desire I had for the Virgin Mary. (What matters the beauty of the parade if not, that of your beautiful body.)
Canto XXIV The Fruit of the threes of the Garden of Eden. (Love, the argument of the invisible thing.)
Canto XXV Jeanne was and is still, the nourrishment of my hope.(Sperent in Te.)
Canto XXVI The beautiful females of the garden of the eternal Gardener.(Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus.)
Canto XXVII Glory to the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit! (See the Spouse of Christ, who prostitutes herself.)
Canto XXVIII The pleasure of the Angels. (That is this way that reigns the Divine Love.)
Canto XXIX The angelic hierarchies. (Christ did not tell to His disciples: Go and preach nonsenses.)
Canto XXX The divine Vulva, the siege of Love. (Where all the greedy souls suffers from carnal desire.)
Canto XXXI The Saint Milicia of the white Virgin. (The hope in Beatitude.)
Canto XXXII The court of the Empyree. (Ave Maria, gratia plena.)
Canto XXXIII The orgasm of God. (All that fertilizes and generates the Universal Consciousness.)


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