Tales and legends
from around the world

These pages contains tales depicting imaginary facts happening in real locations experienced by the author during his numerous travels in countries around the world and in the cosmos.
These are tales of sexual adventures, illustrated with sensual images and sensorial music.
The women, the girls and the other actors along with the adventures, the actions and the locations are imaginary and do not necessary rely on the habits and usages of the described countries of the world or the cosmos.

These tales are accompanied by erotic details to be read under the guidance of an open-minded adult.


Romeo and Juliet, the forbidden lovers of Paris.
The question to ask for the humans is not to know how many of them will survive in the system
but what will be the type of existence of those who will survive.
(Dune and the messia of Dune, Frank Herbert)

The texan girl with the dreadfull kiss
Somewhere in south Texas, she was a vampire, she had steel tooths, she beats an she bites to death.

The rape of the young warrior girl.
She was there, her stripped body of half naked girl soldier, she was motionless and raped.
Her kalash lay at her sides, she firmly held the weapon with her left hand, her finger always pressed on the trigger;
hidden in the scattered remainders of her burst skull, the barrel of the weapon still smoking;
I perceived a smile on her still intact lips, a smile of irony, of satisfaction perhaps!

The rape with the Kalashnikov

Erotic fabulations accompanying the invasion of Tchekoslovaquia by the armies of the Comecon.
Illustrated with photographies taken by the author during the events in 1968.

(escales futures)
Time has stopped in San-Miguel de Allende / The brigants schoolgirls of San Juan / the condor in love with the little indians /
the erotic experiments of the young corsica sheepgardian


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