The erotic giant females invade Montréal

I offer you this unreal journey into the streets of Montréal.
Montréal invaded by GIANT WOMEN with slit eyes who melted among the humanoids,
transparent WOMEN who brake the crystalline wrapings of the buildings,
some GIANT LADIES who relax in the ponds,
some LITTLE GIRLS suspended to the structures,
some FEMALES who sink into the bitumen,
some GIRLS who are also graffitis over the walls,
some VIRGIN who enjoy dazzling the male,
some DENUDED GIANTS with plenty of eloquent attributes,
some CYBERNETIC EVES come from parallal universes
some GIANT WOMEN who beautify Montréal, my city.
Montréal my city of thousands of church towers who exchange its churches
to give room to the EROTIC GIANT FEMALES come from the anti-cosmos.

These erotic images can only be appreciated by adults with an open mind.


[giants females who cross through thecrystal mirrors of the buildings of my city]

[giants females which are also graffitis on the walls of my city]

[giant females who expose their architectural shapes in the city]

[giant females who suffer suspended to the structures of my city]

[giant females who romper in the bassins and the rivers of my city ]

[monumental giant females who attract the attention of the phantoms of my city]

[giant females who let herselves admire through the mirrors of my city]

[sensual giants females who fly over the panorama of my city]

[pastoral giant females who pasture tenderly in the gardens of my city]

[giant females pass-through-wall who go beyond the tabous of my city]

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