The origin of the New-World
The flood of fire, steel and blood.

(Extract from Ovide's metamorphosis, an interpretation of the "deluge".
To those who see some indiduous allusion in this text, I say that they are wrong, but it could be that they are right.)


Justice is there, vanquished and the last of the celestial hostesses, the virgin Astraia give up the earth in her blood. The Giants who claim to be the Masters of the world, build up steel and glass to defy Heaven. Then, from the top of the Ossama, He who believe he is the son of Allah crush the Olympus to pieces and overturn the monster with clay's pedestals. And as these bodies lay crushed under the bulk, Earth, bathed in the floods of Her sons' blood, was inpregnated and insufflated life to this still hot blood, She gave to these newly born beings, a humiliated face, but convinced of their own Truth, and blinded by revenge and murder; no one was unaware that they were generated in blood. When the Master of the gods, son of Saturn, saw, from the top of His dwelling, this spectacle, He groans about it and, He conceived from it, some violent anger, worthy of Jupiter, and He convened the assembly of the inferior gods. As soon as the undergods got seated in the Jerusalem of Heaven, Jupiter who dominated them from His throne, leaning over His sceptre, shook, three times, the Atomic ghost that spreads fears and whose waves shake the earth, the sea and the stars. Then, filled with indignation, He addressed in these terms,the Security Council: "No, I, for myself, did not experience more anguish for the possession of the sceptre of the world, at the time when the troglodyte monsters where ready to eradicate My Faith, My disciples and those of the Great Israel. For, so savage was the enemy, in this crusade, the attackers were of impure race, and they had an iniquitous goal. Today, it is necessary for Me, all over the orb of the globe that wraps with their roaring the floods of Al-Qaïda, to ruin the race of these mortals. I make an oath of it by the infernal rivers, that runs underground to the forest of the Styx. I tried everything to cure the evil, it is without remedies and the sword must slice into flesh, if we do not want the healthy part being drawn away in ruins." "I have under My sceptre, inferior gods, unfaithful people, I have allies forgotten by the gods, people not chosen by God I protect hosts from the mountains, the deserts and the seas, And since We do not yet, consider them worthy of being the hosts of Heaven, Let at least keep for them, livable, the earth that We assign to them." "But do you think, hosts of Heaven, that they are safe there When I, the Master of thunder, I, your Master and your King, I was exposed to the ambushes of the Ladeon, monster considered for his blind fundamentalism, I, who is the sole agent of Fundamentalism?" Quivering and burning by zeal, all ask for the punishment of whom was guilty of such an audaciousness. That an impious hand, in such a way, tried furiously to crush the Apple in the blood of the sons of the Big Sam, stupor struck mankind in fear suddenly threatened by such a catastrophe, and the whole world shivers with horror. And the blind faith of Your people was not softer to Your heart than that of the undergods was to Jupiter. When this one had, with his voice and gesture, repressed the murmurs, every one remained muted. Once their clamour appeased under the threat of the Emperor, Jupiter, breaking the silence, talk again as follows: "This monster, be reassured by that, was indeed, punished. But what was his crime, what is the punishment, Now, I want to tell it to you." "I announced by signs, the arrival of the true God, and the humble people where already in prayers. Ladeon started turning My pious devotions by derision then He declared, by the voice of the Quatar prophet, as babbler and demagogue as my CeNN tenor: "I will see well, whether this so-called God is not an unfaithful: the experiment will be final. No one will be able to question the truth." He shout in the face of the stupified world. "He meditated, at night, when sleepiness becomes heavy on Our bones, My ruin and My death by surprise: such are the means by which he wanted to make burst his truth. And this perfidy is not enough for him: the people of the Mollahs had sent his hostages to him; to enthrax me and to cut my throat." "I made his dwelling, crumbled, terrified he fled, and, taking refuge in the silence of the caves that I dug myself in the mountain for illusory aims, he pushed long howls, made vain efforts to transmit the words; he implored his creators, the Sheiks of the Persian Gulf, whom I believed being My friends, as well as My providers because they financed my accession to the supreme throne." "Only one dwelling to date, has collapsed but it is not the only dwelling that deserves to be lost: all over the earth, reigns, the cruel Heresy; it is, would we believe, the conspiracy of Terror. It is necessary that, quickly, all get the punishment they deserved. And are on the side of the Error, those who are not with My Revenge." At these words of Jupiter, some, among the undergods, give a full approval, and stimulate, still, His quivering anger, the others limited themselves to a circumstantial approval others fear and keep silence subjugated by Fear. And yet, the loss of mankind is for all, a true pain, and they ask what will resemble the earth, deprived from the mortals, who will offer on the altars, the sweat of work and the income tax, if Jupiter is prepared to deliver the Holy Land, to rape it, to the fierce enterprise of God-Petroleum. To all these questions, the King of the gods answers that He takes responsibility for everything; He prohibits vain alarms and promises that Jerusalem will be released from the impious Arafat and the satanic Sadam and that, a race will miraculously be born very different from that who populated the earth before. But the anger of Jupiter is not, limited to the boundaries of Heaven, His domain. He convenes His Titans, He gathers His Armada: Exocet, Phantom, Apache, Mininuke, Maverick, His Allies, Albion, and those who should be, or, otherwise, not being at all. As soon as they entered the dwelling of their Master, he says to them: "Long exhortations are, in these circumstances, useless. Let me free my will to express My violence: It is only that, we ask you. I will open My reservoirs and, crushing the dams, I will loosen, without any constraint, the harness of My waves of steel, of fire, of blood." His orders given, they turned back to their dwellings and waited. The inveighed flood takes its course and runs to the Oman sea. The God, with His trident, struck the earth. It trembled and the shake opened a large wound. The living beings, for most of them, are carried by a cloud; those whom the mortal breath, spared, succumb to a long fast, in need of celestial food. The world had returned to its original shape. When He saw it deserted and the earth devastated, plunged in a deep silence, "Butcher", the agent of Uncle Sam, His eyes full of tears, addressed Himself in these terms to "Sharon", the crazy virgin of Haïfa: "O my sister, o my wife, o the only woman who survives, you, whose community of the race and that of the origin, our fathers being brothers, you, who are sharing the same couch finally link your fate to Mine, danger, even, today, unites us." "On earth, as far as can be seen the glance of the sleeping or raising sun, We are, the two of Us, the only human beings; the remainder belongs to the souls of Hades. What courage should you have, today, without Me, poor woman, if you had been thorned off from destiny? who would have strengthened you in your pains? Because, for Me, believe Me off, if the flood had swallowed you also, I would follow you, o My wife, and, for Me also, the flood would swallow Me." Our sons will be the only specimens of humanity." "Oh! if it were possible for Me to repopulate the globe thanks to the means employed by Our fathers, and to insufflate a soul to the earth born of My hands! Today, it is only due to Us, if the mortal race survives, it is the Gods who decides, We will copulate in peace and, Our sons will be the only copies of Humanity."

Marco Polo or the imaginary journey (Mythologies décembre 2001) © 2001 Marco Polo
Ovide and the metamorphosis and the great-masters paintings, music by Yokubota.


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