women of dream
poetic ports


Diverse poetic ports:

you are love...

I want you between my fingers

the dream......................................... lovely little girl

I follow you to the realm of bed

the silence of the animals............................................. Lidia


you are love...

sea of water over your stone-marten eyes
rain caress and chestnut
I have your mouth sweet of sea
I have your hands pale of ice
your legs over the moving sand

sea of water laziness of plaintive sound
visage of storm to the granit chest
I have your heart over my lake
I have your breast river laced
your lips kisses over my lake

sea of water music over the bed
shipwreck love to the horizons cloths
I have your flesh over my ice
I have your teeth carnage of kisses
your love storm of blood over

sea of water to the wall of my heart
scull sadness to tomorrow's dream
I have your hands of lost shadows
I have your soul vail of smoke
your sudden rain on nightmare death


I want you there between my fingers

I want you here, between my fingers
my fingers of delirious clarinets
I want you, on your belly
the belly opened to the night
the belly full of little pianos
piano concertinos to the string of my fingers
I want you, both legs apart
on the shore of those two planets
I want to walk over your astral feet
and dive between the infinite space
my head overturned between those two hemispheres

I want your breasts, teared apart
I want to drink to the wounds of your breasts
I want to swim this marvelous pacific
I want to drowned myself in your wounds
ran over your lips
sleep and dream under your eyes
I want to tear you to my bed
penetrate your hemisphere
I want to run under your flesh
caress the inside shape of your senses
turn around your charms
behind the opacity of your flesh under your corpse
make you shout and cry
make you dream and die
I want....


the dream

I look at you passing by, close by
as to see the dream also
near the dream, I look at you
as far as the dream you have
and you are received
to the mouth of my site
silence of the site
almost silent as the dream
to carry away the dream

and I carry the dream away
the dream you will have, just there
there, to the mouth of my site

when you will end up
lovely unknown, of being afraid
of carrying immodesty to your finger
lovely unknown

I will lay you down, graceful and naked
over my site, almost of a dream
a certain way of love
as like passing by
a passage of love, until the year
when you will be back, by myself
by my site, coming again
to lay down your dream


lovely little girl

lovely little girl
little girl lovely
little girl of shadows on the wall
evanescent shadow on the wall
did you say yes?

I was building in the night
your breasts almost like candies
my traveling fingers
the passion night
did you say yes?

lovely little girl

naked little girl
little girl of white silk
of white decency over the cloud
did you say yes?

I have little girls in my eyes
I have little girls' eyes
a certain love hanging over my dreams
to all my sidewalks of dreams
did they say yes?

the dreams have grown up
the little girls also
I carry my tired hands
my dream has gone to sleep
without ever having........................said yes.



I follow you to the realm of bed

I follow you over the prison collar of my fingers
my mouth closed to the awakening bells

I follow you over the morning sun
my door mild over the weakening bells

I follow you over the morning road
I follow you over the day
I follow you over the night

I follow you over the shadow, string of life
my hand prisoner of stolen desires

the trees of thoughts carry my dreams
truce and pleasure to the fires at noon
the trees of noon are sad
the trees to my fingers of sun
the trees in your velvet fingers

you carry your mouth to the sun
your jasmine breast of appetite shores
I have your eyes my picture
your lips of laughs to the pleasure windows

I follow you over my dreams
on a dream boat every morning
I follow you my eyes to the bazaar
the minute foolishness between my fingers
I follow you my crisped teeth
your heart my hands through the fragile sex
I follow you to the realm of beds


the silence of the animals

but if you choose also, your way of dreaming
I will pass to you, my dream
as it is sad, and have no saying

how many animals, by the woods
how many animals, silent as they are
have a say, on saying some words
but they have, no saying

I want you to dream, forever
without saying, without saying loudly
the words, that mean nothing

I would like for you, words to say
but who stay, inside yourself
as the silent animals, by the woods
have words to say, but who keep inside themselves
the words, to say

but if you choose the way, of dreaming
I will lend you, my dream
as it is sad, and has no saying



she is lovely like my dream
white like silk behind my shadow
she is naked like my palm
and insurmountable behind the winter

she is lovely like my mornings
fresh like the crumbling glass
she is mild like the sea
and drawned into the fog of the night

she is far away like the unknown
hidden behind my uncertainty
she is insurmountable like my nights
buried into the timidity of my days

I want to kill that heart
illuminated girl, I love you
and my hands are tied with prisons
I love you, an inaccessible heart

smoke all over my scull
red blood lips, I touch you
the dream behind the cloth
I tear you to my bed

cold palm of the obscure nothingness
male rush to the sexual desire, I look for you
hidden under the shadows of my to-morrows
I find you back in the inaccessible cloud

I will go behind the night
as a discreet moon
find with spread hands
strings tied my fist

I will go in a coach of rendezvous
as a sluggish king proud of himself
find the door of her heart
dreams in my closed fists

I will go to the chimes of my dreams
as a boat over the dead sea
steel her eyes to the blue sky
her image buried in my heart

I will go fist and hand tied
I will go to the sea of her dream
I will go over the icy cloth of her lips
give the prison kiss I carry

Marco Polo or the imaginary journey (poetry: translated from Rêves de femme, 1998) © 1996 Jean-Pierre Lapointe


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