diaries of travels
in Asia

Thoses pages contain short stories of dayly events in places visited by the author during his numerous trips around the world.


Images of Japan.
Commented Photos taken durin a travel around the world in 1969:
the festivals., and the castles, the poeple, the temples and the gardens.
Splendors of India.
Travel diary in India, au Népal and Sri Lanka (Ceylan); photos, commentaries, descriptions of sites visited during a trip around the world in, in a camping-car Wesphalia. (in french)
The roads to Katmandu. et The garden of Eden, Sri Lanka.
Images and impressions of Bali. (in french)
Trip to Bali ein 1997. (in french)

An adventurous trip on the paths of Marco Polo.
Chronicle of the cross-over meedle-easth and Asie in a camping-car during 1968 winter: Turquie, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan. (in french)
Images of Buthan, Tibet and Nepal. (partially in english)
Photos and video taken during a trip to Buthan, Tibet and Nepal in april 2001.
Images of south-asie.
Photos and video taken during a trip in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in january 2002.
The hidden mysteries of Myanmar (Burma).
A fascinatins trip in the year 2000.

Imprssionist visions of Indonésia and of Malaysia.
Video taken during a trip in Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Sumba, Flores, Malaysia, Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei in 2011.

Ports in preparation

Ousbékistan and the silk road in 2000.
Visit of Tachkent, Ourgench, Khiva, Bokhara, Samarcand.
South Korea and Mongolia.
Trip done in 2005.
Papouasie New-Guinea and Salomon Islands.
Trip done in 2006.
Antartica and Patagonie.
Trip in 2008.

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