tales of travels
behind the iron curtain.

Thoses pages contain short stories of dayly events in places visited by the author during his numerous trips around the world


Trip across East Germany (GDR) and Berlin in a car, in 1963. Two years after the construction of the wall separating both Germanies and coming from Denmark, we arrive at Rostov and travel across this country and Berlin where we cross the wall at crossing Point Charley. On this 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we remind ourselves this epopee in a universe which had, at that time, no sense.
We went back to Berlin in 2007, in a kind of pilgrimage,to reminds ourselves of those events.

Tale of a trip in Russia
Chronicle from another time, before the totalitarian influence of the despots over the population, that of the "servants of the State". We were in 1968, among the first Westerners being able to travel across this country in a private vehicle and to benefit from the recent installations of camp-sites. Note: Since, we have returned to Moscow, Saint-Pétersbourg and to Ouzbekistan. We will make a report of this voyage accomplished in the year 2000, 30 years after our first journey in Soviet Union.

Tales of a trip through the countries of Eastern Europe.
Tale illustrated with photographs of our crossing over the countries of Eastern Europe in a "camping-car" in 1968, durint the invasion of Tchekoslovaquia by the armies of the Comecon.

Illustrated tale of the invasion of Tchekoslovaquia by the armies of the Comecon.

To be read absolutly, an erotic tale during the invasion of Tchekoslovaquia by the armies of the Comecon.

Stories in preparation

Russia revisited in the year 2000, 33 years after the first visit.
Visit of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Petrodvorets and Pushkin: images and impressions.

The countries of Eastern Europe revisited in 2007, 40 years after the first visit.
Visit of Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, Cracow, Woclaw, Berlin and video-clips on YouTube.

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